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3.14 = Pi Day

The Park at Winters Run Blog, Bel Air, MD  Celebrate Pi Day March 14th with a slice of pie. We have recipes. Also, learn some Pi Day trivia.

Some Star Trek fans may fondly recall how Mr. Spock stopped an evil entity that had taken over the Enterprise’s computer system, ordering it to “compute to the last digit the value of Pi.” This is just one bit of trivia about Pi Day that’s floating around in the cosmos. Today, The Park at Winters Run Blog has some more trivia plus some delicious pie recipes to try so you can celebrate in style.


Pi Day Trivia

The number π is the mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14159, which goes on to infinity and beyond. We take the first three digits, 3.14, and read them as a date: Pi Day, March 14th.


In 2009, the House of Representatives passed House Resolution 224, designating March 14th as National Pi Day in the United States. The resolution “encourages schools and educators to observe the day with appropriate activities that teach students about Pi and engage them about the study of mathematics.”


One of the earliest, large-scale Pi Day celebrations took place at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Organized by Larry Shaw, a physicist, the activity combined staff and the public marching around one of the Exploratorium’s circular spaces, followed by eating fruit pies.


Check out this site,  Pi Day, for more information, background, and activities regarding 3.14 day.


Pie Recipes

Shepherd Pie — This made-from-scratch versatile dish is sure to please. Yum! We found a super easy recipe on the Cutestuff Cooks blog.


Pizza Pie — It’s round, right? And you can use pepperoni to create the Pi symbol on the top of it, a perfect way to celebrate the day. Give this homemade pizza pie a try.


Of course, we can’t forget dessert pies, whether it’s a fruit-filled masterpiece, the nutty goodness of pecan pie, or the whipped delights of a cream pie. Eat a slice today in honor of Pi.


Pecan Pie from The Pioneer Woman Cooks blog gives you step-by-step directions complete with pictures for this tasty treat. The commentary is delightful, too.


Peach Pie with a lattice top from Taste of Home is sure to please everyone at your table. With this easy-to-follow recipe, the pie will be on the table in no time.


Coconut Cream Pie with a recipe from the Pillsbury kitchen is a must have for Pi Day. With a toasted coconut topping, this pie speaks creamy and crunchy. Mmm Tasty!


How will you be celebrating Pi Day this year? Will you be baking a pie or heading out to your favorite Bel Air, MD bakery to pick one up to bring home? Let us know in the comments, so we can check them out too.