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Cleaning Your Car at The Park at Winters Run

Man washing car.
In our last post, we shared tips for cleaning the interior of your car. As promised, this month we have some tips for cleaning the exterior of your car. This is accomplished more easily by taking advantage of the car-wash station available for members of our apartment community at The Park at Winters Run. Read on for some great car washing tips!

Tips for Cleaning Your Car’s Exterior

Getting your car washed is important to protect the paint and keep your car looking nice. This also keeps windows and windshields clear — there are some spots that even the wipers won’t reach!

Clean the body of the car.

First, spray the car with water to rinse off loose dirt and debris, then use a large natural sponge or a lamb’s-wool mitt to work up the suds. Do not move the sponge in circles (which can leave swirl marks), but rather move it lengthwise across the car’s surfaces. Rinse the sponge often in a separate bucket of clean water, so as not to reapply bits of dirt to the car. Wash the wheels and tires with a separate sponge and dedicated wheel cleaner.

Clean off headlights.

You can purchase headlight cleaners to keep them shiny or you could try using toothpaste as an alternative cleaner. Toothpaste is a mild abrasive cleaner that works well to make your headlights shine again. Use a cloth to rub the toothpaste around, then wipe it clean.

Rinse and dry the car.

Rinse the car completely, and remove excess water with a soft-rubber edged squeegee, then dry with a chamois or soft terry cloth towels. Blot rather than wipe, and completely dry.  As Janaki Jitchotvisut for Complex points out, towels are made to absorb liquid, and not by rubbing and scrubbing. Lay a clean, dry towel flat on your vehicle and pat it to avoid leaving streaks on your vehicle. Avoid driving away without drying your car, as it will leave spots. If you don’t have time for towel trying, consider finding an electric car dryer to speed up the process.

For more detailed directions, refer to the Consumer Reports’ How to Wash Your Car article. We love to see all the shiny-clean cars here at The Park at Winters Run in Bel Air, MD. Thanks for reading today’s post.