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Decorate Your Living Room

The Park at Winters Run Blog, Bel Air, MD  This month, we have a few ideas to spark your imagination to decorate the living room in your Bel Air apartment.

This month, The Park at Winters Run Blog has several ideas to help spark your imagination to redecorate your living room. Your Bel Air, MD apartment won’t truly feel like home until it reflects your tastes and style. We hope that you find these tips useful.


Dress Up Your Windows

Curtains are an easy way to add interest to your living room. Choose curtains that will give you privacy and add a new element of focus to the room. Some people choose to mix-and-match panels for a unique look and others stick to neutrals. Just remember to pick curtains that fit your tastes. You can find a wide selection of curtains in every color and style at Target.


Share Your Pictures

Nothing makes a living room feel more personal than a wall of pictures from your last vacation or outing with friends. Hang your pictures up with washi-tape frames for a creative (and apartment-friendly!) look. We also love these LED String Lights with 16 Clear Photo Clips from Amazlab. These string lights are a cute and quirky way to show off your favorite memories.


Decorate with Fun Accessories

Spruce up your living room with a few fun room accessories. Decorate your living room with a colorful cabinet, a porcelain owl, or a globe. There are plenty of fun little touches that you can add to your living room for a space that feels like home. Find living room accessories at Pottery Barn, World Market, and Pier1 Imports.


Choose Furniture that Doubles as Storage

Ottomans, bookshelves, coffee tables, and TV stands can all provide extra storage for your apartment at The Park at Winters Run. Choose furniture that can double as storage, and you’ll save yourself a lot of space, be able to better organize your living room, and have an extra pillow or throw blanket on hand if you ever need it.


Do you have any decorating tips for us? Leave us your best advice in the comments. Thanks for reading our blog post today!