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Grooming Your Pet

The Park at Winters Run Blog, Bel Air, MD Apartments  Keep your pet safe, happy, and comfortable as the weather warms up this summer by following these pet care tips.

Here at The Park at Winters Run, we are big on amenities for members of our apartment community. Today we would like to highlight our pet grooming area with some tips for grooming your pet.


Groom Your Pet

Regular grooming is important to your pet’s cleanliness and health (and, by extension, yours and that of your home). While you groom your pet stay on the lookout for summer insects, like fleas and ticks. Invest in a flea comb and talk to your veterinarian about other tips for noticing and treating insect problems.


Brush your pet out before bathing him or her. Brushing removes loose dirt, burs, and tangles — bathing your dog before you brush, simply makes a bigger mess. So take the time to get the first layer taken care of with a good brushing session. What type of brush you use is a matter of personal preference, as well as what works best for the type of fur your dog has — short hair vs long hair for example. This article, from Doctors Foster and Smith, will help you know if you’ve got the right kind of brush for your pet.  


Bathe Your Pet

A clean pet is a happy pet, well at least after the bathing occurs! It is important, particularly in the summer when adventure (complete with dirt and stinky situations) is likely to occur, to bathe your pet regularly. How often depends on your pet and the adventures that may happen. Be mindful to not overbathe your pet, as bathing too often can deplete natural oils in the skin and cause dry itching skin.  A good rule of thumb is about twice a month.


Use a high-quality shampoo that is designed for pets or make your own. Here is a recipe to try:


Homemade Pet Shampoo with Essential Oils

The essential oils in this homemade pet shampoo will help to keep your pet’s coat shiny and smelling great! What you will need: water, aloe vera gel, castile soap, and peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary essential oils. Bonus, the lavender essential oil helps to repel fleas!


In addition to bathing your pet regularly, take care of your pet’s physical health (especially dental health!) to prevent the spread of any illnesses.


What other pet grooming tips would you add to our list? Share your thoughts with the rest of us so we can incorporate them into our routines. Thanks for reading! We hope you have a great summer with your pet here in Bel Air, Maryland.