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No Shave November in Bel Air, MD

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Here at The Park at Winters Run, November means cooler weather, holidays approaching, and ... not shaving? That’s right! If you want to help raise money for cancer awareness this fall, No Shave November is the way to go. If you can’t grow facial hair, or just don’t want to, check out other ways to help raise awareness in our Bel Air, MD apartment communities. If you’re on the “Movember” bandwagon, then check out these helpful tips to make sure your beard is looking fresh for the holidays.


Eating Healthy is a Must

We know it’s tempting to let all caution go to the wind with Thanksgiving just around the corner, but eating healthy food is critical to the shape of your beard. Eating more fruits and veggies helps your hair grow and your skin glow. If you can’t find a way to work it into your diet, a multivitamin should help as well.


Shampoo Doesn’t just Apply to the Hair on your Head

Not properly caring for your beard can end up having you looking less like a cool lumberjack and more like a scary caveman. Make sure that you wash and condition your beard in the shower every day to really bring out your beard’s natural beauty. When it starts getting a little longer, invest in a little bit of beard styling balm to tame it.


A Little Bit of Oil goes a Long Way

If you’ve ever tried growing out a beard before, you know how scratchy and painful the hair can get. Hair softens due to natural oils created by the body, but there is a lack of these oils in your face. Head over to your local Bel Air, MD grocery store and pick up some olive or coconut oil. Apply a little bit to the entire beard to keep it feeling soft and looking shiny.


Grooming Tools are Your Friend

Beard trimmers, combs, and other grooming tools will keep your face looking as manly as always. Make sure you get the right items; don’t skimp on your personal care! Check out some beard grooming kits online or visit your local barber to have a professional take care of you.


Will you be participating in No Shave November this fall? If you do, we’d love to see! Post a picture on Facebook with the hashtag #NoShaveNovember and tag our Facebook page so that we can share in the cause with you. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog!