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Pool Party Games

The Park at Winters Run Blog, Bel Air, MD  Taking time out for a swim party is a great idea, and we've got some cool pool games to keep things lively.

The Park at Winters Run in Bel Air, MD is a great place to live, and we have a resort-style swimming pool for your next pool party with friends or other members of our apartment community. We hope that you get the chance to use it this summer! We ask that our residents follow basic safety rules — no running by the pool, be aware of others in the pool, no rough horseplay — when they use the pool. Also, please follow any posted signs and be aware that the pool is for resident and guest use only.


Pool Games


Dolphin Relay Race

Each team (or two individual racers) receives a beach ball. At the starting signal, each player works to move the beach ball across the pool — with just their nose. This game may be played as a relay race with two teams. Anyone who uses their hands has to return to the starting line!  


Duck Push

In this game, players (divided into teams, each with a rubber duck) use air power (blowing) to push the rubber ducky across the water. Of course, a bit of water splashing on your opponent’s duck to slow him down is to be expected — but don’t touch the ducks!



It’s like the basketball game, H-O-R-S-E, but in the water. The objective is to copy the actions/moves of your opponent in the water. For example, player one does an underwater handstand for five seconds, player two has to match it or get a letter. The first player to spell out F-I-S-H loses. Note: You can do each action/move only once.


Ping Pong Scramble

This is a winners-get-the-bragging rights scramble for ping pong balls. You will need 40 ping pong balls, four different colored markers. Create four sets of ping pong balls by marking each ball with a colored dot. (4 colors, 10 balls for each set). Divide players into four teams and line up on the edge of the pool. Drop all 40 ping pong balls into the pool.  On “go” players jump into the pool and collect the ping pong balls for their team. The first team to collect all ten balls wins.  


Wet T-Shirt Relay

Divide players into teams. Each team gets a large, wet, t-shirt. The object of the game is to race across the pool and back wearing the t-shirt, which is then passed on to the next team member. The winner is the team that finishes first. Please note — the t-shirt goes on over bathing suits.


What is your favorite game to play at a pool party? Let us know in the comments and enjoy the rest of your summer! Thanks for reading today’s blog post.