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Reading! It Does a Body Good


The Park at Winters Run Blog, Bel Air, MD Apartments   Bring some excitement from another world or story into your life by picking up a book! Enjoy the benefits of reading by reading these books this summer.


Welcome to the July edition of The Park at Winters Run Blog, bringing members of our community here in Bel Air, MD tips, tricks, and thoughts for apartment living. Today, our topic is reading. Reading has awesome benefits: It helps one to gain a better vocabulary; it can help one experience stress relief; it can even make one a happier person. What benefits of reading have you seen in your own life?


We have some suggested reading for the summer (and beyond) in today’s post. Choose books from a variety of genres to read this month. We have some sources to help you get started.

  • Memoirs are a fascinating way to learn about someone’s life. Often they are more interesting than fiction may be.

  • Coming of age is a topic that is often addressed in novels and there are some rather remarkable stories in print that may tug at your heartstrings, cringe at remembered experience, or make you laugh in delight.

  • Fairy tales are the perfect way to while away time on a lazy weekend. Curl up in the comfort of your apartment and let one of these books take you to a kingdom far, far away.

  • You’ve seen the movie, but have you read the book? Generally speaking the book is better than the movie, so re-live a favorite movie by reading all the details they couldn’t fit in. We’ll get you started with these books that were made into movies.

  • Read a banned book. It may make you feel slightly naughty to read something that was once deemed unsuitable for public consumption. Here’s a list of banned and challenged books to choose from — you may be surprised by some of the titles on the list!


For some summer-themed books, take a look at our blog post from last year. Find a cozy place in your apartment or on the grounds and enjoy a book this month! Thanks for being a part of our community at The Park at Winter’s Run.